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art by highviscosity




There’s something intimidating about a young girl being as cold as ice, and especially so if said girl wields extraordinarily sharp icicles and the ability to bend ice to her will. Alyssa Lincoln does so with ease, so much so that some have caught her slipping in some light reading in the middle of her fights.


With no one but her father, an ex-Syndicate on the run, to call her family, Alyssa often took to losing herself in the stories of heroes and adventurers from her books to relieve her loneliness. Nonetheless, she loved her father dearly, making it all the more difficult to have watched him be gunned down by a Syndicate ambush on her sixteenth birthday. Taking what her father taught her to heart, she fled, escaping the Syndicate’s trail for quite some time. When they finally caught up to her and decided to dispose of her in a frozen wasteland, they surely weren’t expecting she would emerge with extraordinarily powerful magic and an unsated anger that threatened to cover the world in white.


Inspired by her fighting spirit, Amber picked her up from off the streets and offered her a spot on her new team. Its youngest human member, Alyssa found a new family with the Guardians, and is determined to strike a chilling vengeance into the hearts of her father’s killers.