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art by artsyrobo




Brutus McCallister commands death with the press of a button. For most, that’s a heavy burden to carry, but for someone with so much experience, war is no laughing matter.


Born in the Wild East, in the rough-and-tumble town of Escalante, his mother Braun taught him everything he needed to know about handling a six-shooter. It became a part of him, and extension of his body, and he handled it well. Braun knew a boy of his talents was better suited elsewhere, so she sent him off to discover the land of opportunity, and fate landed him in White Heart. There, he learned the art of war, studying battle tactics from the greats, and undergoing extensive training to better himself even further. His ambition was matched by none, save perhaps for his childhood rival, Amber. When they realized how well they worked together, the two set aside their differences, and have since fought side by side on many occasions, including as members of the covert ops Blackheart III team.


With a daunting new challenge ahead of her, Brutus did not hesitate to pledge his loyalty to Amber’s cause. Joining the Guardians as its stoic but stalwart veteran, no enemy is safe when Brutus takes aim.