charlie-book-interior 1.jpg

art by mt-wolfy




A set of metal fangs charging at you at nearly supersonic speeds is certainly among one of the worst ways to go out. Thankfully for the forces of White Heart, Charlie is on their side.


Undergoing a similar training to Amber and Brutus from a young age, Charlie was quite literally breed for battle. He was raised and trained alongside both of them, some even considering him their mascot. He certainly gained a reputation in White Heart, inspiring many to rise up and become heroes; if a dog can fight with such passion, then you certainly have no excuse.


An odd mix of adorable and terrifying, Charlie darts across the battlefield, making a brief meal of every opponent in his way. When the Guardians charge into the fray, the bark of a hound in his natural habitat is always the last thing you hear before shit goes down.