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dr. mary

Most would fail to recognize Dr. Mary’s medical genius and devoted field medic status upon first glance, but that’s typically because they’d be too busy being scolding by her. There’s no time for jokes or games; every second lost is a life that could have been saved.


A prodigy in medical science, she originally hailed from the Syndicate, but was one of the many who escaped alongside Reese. The two had been involved in a complicated love-hate relationship, as one would expect from two clashing egomaniacs, which resulted in Mary bearing his child, but not before they parted ways. The danger of a spreading Syndicate Empire, however, forces Mary to reunite with her long-lost “friends”, for the safety of a young Ire Black.


Extremely valuable in a fight, Dr. Mary and her miracle work ensures the Guardians and their White Heart allies have no excuse to stop fighting. Just make sure to thank her, or you’ll never hear the end of it.