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art by goobermation


Evangeline Bates is a nice of change of pace to the typical dreariness and edginess of Stara Senia. Upbeat and always up for fun and thrills, she puts her foes to sleep with a kick in her step and a smile on her face.


Some would be thrilled to be born into the dog-eat-dog, capitalist heaven known as Greenwood. Eva is not one of them. Thankfully, having received training in ki from her father and marksmanship from her mother, she was well-prepared to face adversaries every step of her journey. She took on many odd jobs while in Greenwood, including one at a circus, one at a brothel, and one as an apprentice to a dark and infamous hero, picking up a new skill with every one. Eventually, to the dismay of many Greenwood residents, she learned to be a hero of her own, but promised herself to never take a life; even her weapon of choice is a tranquilizer rifle.


Her antics caught the attention of many outside of Greenwood as well, even bringing in a promising new job opportunity. Eva has been many things in her life, but never a Guardian...until now.