reynard-book-interior 1.jpg

art by trollskine




There’s something not quite right about Reynard Crudelis. Whether it’s his beaming smile in the face of ultraviolence or his pleasure in making a game of his victims on the battlefield, this potential heir to the Syndicate throne is feared by many, even amongst his allies.


His past is a mystery, as he never speaks on it, and most are afraid to ask. He prefers to live in the present, letting his eerily joyous attitude and brutal nature speak for themselves. His role of Syndicate heir was won in battle, when he utilized his cunning prowess to defeat Boss Gareth in one-on-one combat, and he remains by his leader’s reluctant side...for now.


Armed with expertise in belittlement and his shockingly dangerous whip, Reynard isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. It won’t be his own blood that’ll he’ll be spilling, though.