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art by kaibootsu




His true name is Geronimo Ao-Shi, but most have come to know him as Skullgem, the Lionhearted. Anonymously serving as a icon of justice for the silenced voices in the world, he fights to ensure that humans do not become the only race left on the table.


Not much is known about his past or his true identity, save for rumors that he hails from the Gem Tribes of the desert, but his public persona has never been seen without the shadow veil that masks his face. What is known, however, is that he is completely mute, as his speeches and rallies are never without a translator present. He signs of messages of peace and equality for the oppressed race of short-heighted, red-skinned people known as Assossians. He also calls his followers to take up arms and defend themselves from those that threaten their safety and existence, and is a staunch advocate against the Syndicate Empire.


It comes to no surprise that he peaks the interest of Amber, who offers him a new platform to raise his voice from, as a Guardian of White Heart. With his iconic hammer clenched tightly, Skullgem is at the ready to smite down his enemies and restore freedom to Senia.