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art by goobermation




Equal parts brilliant and controversial, Xela Zamora is one of the smartest minds in science and the leader of an order dedicated to researching, understanding, and overpowering death.


She was surrounded by death from a young age, losing her entire village and family to a disease she was immune to. As a girl, she traveled the world in pursuit of knowledge, desperate to comprehend the mysteries of what came after life. She quickly gained a following of like-minded prodigies, and eventually formed an order, her curious mind never quite satisfied. Her order caught the attention of people scared that she would uncover an answer they didn’t like, and alongside rumors of them testing on unwilling subjects, they were forced to relocate. She and her order settled down and created a base of operations in an untouched swamp, and chose to don fearful appearances completed with masks of black tears, in order to ensure no one interfered in their research.


Her notoriety quickly caught the eye of Amber, who offered her White Heart’s protection in exchange for her hand in battle. Xela, alongside her fellow Guardians, now fights to ensure a world where no one has to fear death.